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We started this site because of our own issues with Sallie Mae.  They even tried to shut the site down.  Unfortunately for Sallie Mae their attorney's weren't bright enough to grasp the concept of free speech (more on this later).  Below is a little bit of information about Sallie Mae, Enjoy.

Sallie Mae, "SLM Corporation" began in 1972 as a government sponsored enterprise.  The company began to privatize its operations in 1997 and since the end of 2004 it has been a private entity.  Sallie Mae is the country's largest originator of federally insured student loans and primarily provides federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).  In the opinions of some, Sallie Mae remains one of the most predatory and cruel lending operations in the world. 

Sallie Mae successfully lobbied for legislative changes to allow the student loan industry rights and protections that has crippled millions of Americans and their families.  Those rights and protections are putting the positive financial future of many borrowers at risk and halting any financial progress to many in repayment, meanwhile Sallie Mae executives have managed to make themselves filthy FILTHY Rich.

Sallie Mae has collection practices that have put young individuals into perpetual debt.  The fees and penalties imposed on those in default of their student loans compounds to a level that buries the individual, prevents them from becoming current and in many cases ruins their financial standing.  Loan balances can double or triple causing payments to do the same and making it impossible to become current.  Sallie Mae has lobbied to make certain that student loans are virtually impossible to discharge through bankruptcy.  They can garnish your wages, seize your tax returns, and reach into your personal bank account.  If you become disabled and can not work, Sallie Mae can garnish your disability income.  The law is on Sallie Mae's side and the lawmakers have plenty of Sallie Mae's money in their pockets.

Many visitors to this site get here because they performed a simple internet search on Sallie Mae.  We chose the site name Screw Sallie Mae because Sallie Mae Sucks wasn't available.  We'd be lying if we said we were amazed with the number of Sallie Mae protest sites or individuals that have had their lives destroyed by them.  So if you are hear due to hardship, despair, or searching for guidance.....Welcome.  You are at home.  Please register for the message board and tell us your story.